Annual Maintenance

Airflow Comfort Club

Join our family of satisfied customers by joining our Airflow Comfort Club and have peace of mind knowing that your home comfort system is being professionally maintained. Our comfort tech’s will service your AC in the summer and return in the fall for your furnace. As a Platinum member you receive preferred scheduling, a 20% discount on parts, and do not pay a premium for emergency service. Trust R&L Heating and Cooling to give you so much value for such a small investment.


  1. Check electrical connections
  2. Check voltage and amp draws
  3. Inspect and blow out drain, add vinegar
  4. Check condensate pump, add vinegar
  5. Clean condenser
  6. Check system operation
  7. Check operating pressures
  8. Check temperature drop
  9. Check thermostat calibration
  10. Shut off humidifier for season
  11. Check filters

*Cost of parts not included


  1. Clean pilot assembly and clean flame sensor
  2. Check gas pressure to burners for maximum efficiency
  3. Check temperature rise
  4. Visually inspect heat exchanger
  5. Check drain hoses and pressure switch hoses
  6. Check condensate pump and add vinegar
  7. Inspect ignition system
  8. Check volts and amp draws (electrical connections)
  9. Check furnace venting
  10. Do carbon monoxide test
  11. Turn on humidifier for winter
  12. Check filters
  13. Check thermostat calibration

*Cost of parts not included

24 Hour Emergency Service Available
7 Days a Week

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