Terms & Conditions

R&L Heating and Cooling [AFV OPCO 1 LLC] referred in this document as (R&L), is required to be licensed and is so licensed by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulations Bureau. The Contractor’s licensed number is 7116095. Public Act 135 of 1988 - The asbestos abatement contractors licensing act 338/3219 responsibility for removal of asbestos. R&L and its employees are NOT in any way responsible for any hazardous materials discovered during the installation. All hazardous materials, including asbestos, is the responsibility of the homeowner and should be removed by a qualified individual at the expense of the homeowner. Gas meter and electric service capacity is the homeowner’s responsibility. Chimney condition is the responsibility of the homeowner. All work will be completed in a professional and timely manner according to industry standards. Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written change order and may become an extra charge above the initial estimate. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. The homeowner is to carry fire, tornado and other necessary homeowner’s insurance. Workman’s Compensation Insurance fully covers all employees and representatives. All areas where R&L installers will be working must be clear and accessible so that the work can be completed promptly. R&L will charge up to a $35.00 fee on all returned checks. All installation deposits are non-refundable. All installations are C.O.D. No exceptions. In the event of a breach of contract by the homeowner, the homeowner shall be responsible for any and all legal fees along with any other incurred costs by R&L to enforce this contract. R&L reserves the right to cancel, void or refuse this contract without any obligation before installation. If your final financing is approved by an alternate lender, please review your financing paperwork as your payment may vary. This contract is final and cannot be used with any other promotions or offers. By signing this contract your information is subject to future marketing and advertising promotions through R&L that you may opt out of at any time. Your information is private and secure and will not be sold or given to any outside parties.

Labor Warranty With qualifying Lennox equipment purchase, is provided by R&L Heating and Cooling. Limitations and exclusions apply. Subject to detailed terms and conditions. The duration of the contract is as stated above in your invoice. Any equipment purchases not covered under the labor warranty stated above will have a 1-year standard labor warranty, effective on the date of installation, provided by R&L. A 30-day labor warranty and 1-year parts warranty will be provided on all service engagements.

The Airflow Comfort Club ™ maintenance plan is a contract for (1) or (2) maintenance visits per year on HVAC equipment depending on the plan selected. Generally, and unless otherwise agreed in writing, the 1st visit usually occurs in the Spring (March 1st - June 15th) and 2nd visit in the Fall (usually October 1st -December 31st). Customer is responsible for scheduling visits either by calling R&L customer service or scheduling online. Maintenance visits will be scheduled during normal business hours on an agreed upon date during the Heating & Cooling season not necessarily at the beginning of Spring & Fall. Advertised pricing is for 1 system (AC/Furnace), additional systems are extra. This is a 1-year contract that will auto-renew on the anniversary date. To cancel the auto-renewal the customer must notify R&L Heating and Cooling at least 30-days before the renewal date. If the customer has selected the option to pay the fee monthly the Customer agrees to have their card be charged for 12 months. If the contract is canceled by the customer for any reason the remaining balance of the contract is due immediately and charged on the original card unless other arrangements for payment have been made in advance.

Items not covered under labor warranty - Maintenance related items such as: dirty filters, dirty sensors, restricted intake or exhaust vents, condensate drains, pads or cartridges, ultraviolet bulbs, loss of power or brown outage, power turned off. Weather-related conditions such as flooding, damage from pets, pests, rodents, or “acts of God”, etc., are beyond our control. Your warranty may be withdrawn at the sole discretion of R&L if any changes, alterations or service attempts have been made to this system by others. Under any circumstances, R&L will not be responsible for any service performance, changes or incurred costs by others. Utility rebates may vary based on geographical location and program eligibility. Qualifying systems quoted may be eligible for a federal tax credit. Contact your tax advisor for qualifications.

Contract acceptance - The specifications & conditions on your proposal are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. Payment will be made upon completion of installation.